Blazegraph Embedded and Single Server

Embedded and Single ServerEmbedded and Single Server

Blazegraph’s embedded and single-server deployment modes provide a high performance and scalable graph database platform supporting the RDF/SPARQL and Apache TinkerPop™  APIs.  A single server can support a data scale of up to 50 Billion edges using server-class machines with very fast disk I/O, a large number of CPU cores, and sufficient RAM.   It provides support for the SPARQL Query language.  Apache TinkerPop™ is supported for embedded deployments for property graphs.  The Sesame / OpenRDF API (rdf4j) APIs are support for embedded RDF/SPARQL applications.  The single server edition has a full-featured REST API to support query, data loading, and database management functions.

Both the embedded and single-server modes support stored queries for custom application logic, custom services and indices, custom functions, and vertex-centric programs.

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Get sample code for Apache TinkerPop™  or Sesame:  Github.