Have you seen Blazegraph in the press, at conferences, or in webinars?  Check it out!

Blazegraph at Super Computing 2015

Watch SYSTAP CEO Brad Bebee discuss Blazegraph DASL and GPU in the NVIDIA Booth at Super Computing 2015.

Blazegraph Competes as one of 12 finalists for the Early Stage Challenge at the 2015 NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference

Watch SYSTAP CEO Brad Bebee, compete in the 2015 NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) early stage challenge. He presents a four minute pitch on SYSTAP’s disruptive new technology to scale graph analytics using GPUs; 10,000X faster than Hadoop and 100s of times faster than CPU in-memory approaches.

The Perfect Fit for Scalable Graph for Big Data

Learn from veteran Analyst Dr. Robin Bloor as he discusses how semantic technology fits in the spectrum of database and discovery solutions. He’ll be briefed by Brad Bebee of SYSTAP, who will showcase his company’s Blazegraph products and Mapgraph technology. He will explain how SYSTAP’s approach overcomes the challenge of scalability, and how graph technology’s powerful data management capabilities can deliver better enterprise performance and analytics using GPUs and other approaches.

NYC Database Week March 2015

See the trivia section of SYSTAP’s presentation at the 2015 NYC Database Week.

Syapse Precision Medicine

See Syapse Founder and President Jonathan Hirsch discuss how Syapse is transforming treatment outcomes and cancer care using precision medicine. Syapse is powered by Blazegraph.


EMC’s VIPR SRM is powered by Blazegraph graph. Check it out.