Solving the Graph Cache Thrash with Blazegraph is easier than ever. You can choose an executable jar, war file, or tar.gz distribution.

Download Blazegraph (powered by bigdata)
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Starting in 2.0.0, we also have a Debian and RPM deployer. For more download options, click here

Java 7 or higher is required to run Blazegraph.  Blazegraph supports an executable jar deployment for getting started quickly. Download the jar and then simply point your browser at http://localhost:9999/blazegraph/ to get started with the Blazegraph Workbench. Check out our User’s Guide for tips, samples, and detailed information on using Blazegraph.

We also offer open source licenses and support to make it easy to get the best performance for your application.

java -server -Xmx4g -jar blazegraph.jar