Blazegraph (formerly SYSTAP, LLC) was founded with a vision of building high quality, highly scalable software solutions for big graphs. While graph problems may look similar to other big data challenges from the outside, they have very different computational workloads and scaling requirements. Techniques that work on a small scale will often fail to deliver on larger graphs. SYSTAP’s solutions fill the gap created by this “big graph anti-pattern”. We believe the only way to get scaling and high throughput for graph traversal and graph mining is to get the architecture, the software, and the hardware right. Helping customers achieve their business objectives with graph data is our vision, mission, and the essence of our software solutions.

Blazegraph’s flagship database, Blazegraph DB, has been a market leader since 2006 in providing high performance, scalable solutions for graphs. It is built on the same platform and maintains 100% binary and API compatibility with Bigdata®. The Blazegraph platform supports both Semantic Web (RDF/SPARQL) and Apache TinkerPop™ APIs . It features robust, scalable, fault-tolerant, enterprise-class storage and query and high-availability with online backup, failover and self-healing. Blazegraph powers many high profile enterprise applications for customers including EMC, AutoDesk, and Yahoo!7. It was selected by the Wikimedia Foundation to power the Wikidata Query Service.