Graphs are a powerful, flexible means of representing all kinds of linked data.    Graph application show up everywhere from Knowledge Graphs, to Community Detection and Clustering, to Failure Detection in the Internet of Things (IoT), and Genomics / Biology for drug discovery and precision medicine to cyber security and national defense.  Blazegraph is high performance graph database platform that provides supports RDF/SPARQL APIs and the Apache TinkerPop™ stack with scalable solutions.

Blazegraph Logo by SYSTAP BLZG


Blazegraph is an ultra-scalable, high-performance graph database with support for the Blueprints and RDF/SPARQL APIs.  It supports up to 50 Billion edges on a single machine. It is in production use for Fortune 500 customers such as EMC, Autodesk, and many others.  It was selected by the Wikimedia foundation to power their wikidata query service.


Blazegraph feature overview (Full Feature Matrix):

  • High Performance Native graph database
  • Apache TinkerPop™ API or RDF/SPARQL
  • Single machine data storage to ~50B triples/quads (RWStore)
  • REST API with embedded and/or webapp deployment (NanoSparqlServer)

Blazegraph™ Whitepapers